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"NORI", the seaweed, is a Japanese traditional Natural Food.

In Japan, the world's leading country of longevity, people have been eating "Nori", which is made from natural seaweed, as a precious source of nutrition since ancient times.

Looking back the history, it is recorded that "Nori" was offered as a special gift to the Imperial Court in Japan's first code of laws, Taiho-Ritsuryo, established twelve centuries ago.

Having a lot of nutrition from the sea, "Nori" was cultivated after cultivation technology was established in Edo Era about 300 years ago.

Since then "Nori" has become one of the popular food items in Japanese families.

This is produced by carefully roasting dried "NORI" to induce maximum flavor and taste. We have it with other food, by wrapping or just putting on.

This was originally created by YAMAMOTO NORITEN Company and became one of the favored NORI in Japan. "AJITSUKE NORI"l is produced by adding soy source, mirin (sweet Japanese sake), and seasonings.

You can eat it as it is, or together with other food. It creates great harmony with any other food items.

By boiling down a mixture of chopped "YAKI NORI", soy source, mirin(sweet Japanese sake), and sugar, "NORI TSUKUDANI" is produced. Topping not only on rice, but also on toast, cracker, or pizza, you can create extra taste from all these.

A product containing flaked "NORI"l, "arare" (tiny rice cracker), and seasonings packed in a small package. One package is good for one meal.

Sprinkle this on steamed rice, and then pour hot water (or Japanese tea) on it; this is a popular traditional instant meal for all Japanese.

This is also the original product of YAMAMOTO NORITEN, containing "AJITSUKE NORI", sprinkled with various food items and seasonings, to eat as snack.

Having a lot of flavor, it is adequate as an appetizer for drinking.

You can create your own recipe with new ideas such as wrapping around vegetables, cheese, or any other food items.

You can enjoy variety of snack with "SNACK NORI".

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