Our site is very easy.

Please choose wanted commodity, and click "Add to cart". The screen of the purchase list is automatically displayed, and when the shipping country is selected, the price including the shipping cost and the commission is displayed.

Please click "Update" after it changes when the quantities 2 pieces or more. Please click "Delete" to a commodity not necessary. To return to the previous screen, click "Keep shopping", and choose the wanted commodity. It doesn't become an order as long as it doesn't advance to the order processing.

The order to resell it cannot be received on this site. The number of same commodities that can be recieved by one time is up to three or less.

Please click "Checkout" if the ordered content is good. It becomes the screen of the order procedure and input necessary data and click "Order" once. The effect that mail is transmitted is displayed, and the information mail of the order receiving will be sent. This Email is automatically sent and the content of order is not checked.

When the information mail of order receiving doesn't reach within three minutes after it ordered, the input mail address might be miss spelt. In this case, please contact us with usual mail telling that you have placed order, your name and your mail address.

That's all.

When customer's order mail reaches us, we will send the mail of the order confirmation to your mailing address as soon as possible. When anything is disconnected within two business days, there is possibility that the input mailing address is wrong or your order haven't sent. In this case, please contact us.

The commodity you ordered will be shipped via International mail small packet air mail or Speed post(EMS) by JAPAN POST in about one week, though it differs according to the commodity. Delivery time is usually approx. 3 - 6 days after shipment is made, but depend on the situation of the customs clearance of the locate.

The customer who selected by sea shipping it takes about two months after it sends it out. The transportation period varies depending on the country. Please confirm it in detail on the site in the post office.

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Kaigai Support Center Co., Ltd.