This site is managed by Japan Club division at the Kaigai Support Center. Co., Ltd. We are offering an integrated support of overseas life over many years to who works and studies abroad. At the same time we are selling Japanese commodities out of Japan. We are one of the biggest in the company that sells Japanese goods to overseas by using the Internet.

The main feature of this site is the following.

1) We are selling almost all commodities obtained in Japan.

Millions of commodities are sold in Japan. From high quality electronic products to digital cameras, cosmetics, anime or traditional crafts made by experts, you cannot find better quality anywhere else. Have you ever tried to get these Japanese goods? It might have been difficult. The reasons for this might include a limited delivery country, a payment method or language barrier.

We can solve these problems and will send out any commodity to overseas countries as long as it doesn't contravene a law.

2) Very simple and clear system.

First informs us model name of wanted commodity and necessary quantities. We will inform you offer price including shipping fee and air freight or sea freight by return. Please examine our quotation that we sent. And give the order to us if our offer price is reasonable.

3) Confidence and safety shopping.

Our company has been selling overseas a Japanese commodity for 15 years or more. Our main customer is a Japanese embassy, a government-affiliated institution, an enterprise, and an individual and student. The customer bought a Japanese commodity by our company is very satisfied.

Japan Club division.
Kaigai Support Center Co., Ltd.