Step 1.

Please fill in request form for quotation such as model name of the wanted goods, quantities and shipping address, etc. The typical Japanese companies or WEB site list on our site is useful to obtain merchandise information. It is translated automatically into English though the site written in this list is Japanese. Please understand that automatically translation to English is a reference only.

Step 2.

After receiving your request quotation, we will make quotation and inform you offer price including shipping and freight charge within 48hours business days. Please examine whether our quotation is reasonable and give us your order result is reasonable.

Step 3.

When your order mail reaches us, we will send the mail of the order confirmation to your mailing address as soon as possible. When anything is disconnected within two business days, there is possibility that the input mailing address is wrong or your order haven't sent. In this case, please contact us.

The commodity you ordered will be shipped by the service described in the quotation.

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